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Daniel Schrempf's Portfolio


  1. MFA Update 00

    Date 20 Jan 2018
    I’d like to get better at explaining myself. I’m pretty unfettered right now; I don’t have to make sense yet. Not a lot is on the line, it just might mean more rice and beans than usual. And, I don’t really mind rice and beans (actually, you throw some salt, cilantro,…

  2. Roman Candles 07

    Date 27 Jan 2017
    I haven’t rounded out this project properly. This update won’t really fix that. It will be more about the difference between should and must; follow through and finish; between saying what you mean and meaning what you say. A quick thing right off the top here, if you’ve missed out on…

  3. Roman Candles 06

    Date 24 Oct 2016
    So we’re into the last week of my campaign. This thing is almost over. This time next week I’ll have a final backers list, a substantial book order sent off to print, and a sinking feeling like how I imagine it feels to send your 5 year old off to…

  4. Roman Candles 05

    Date 03 Oct 2016
    I thought this would be the relaxing part of the project. I’m realizing that this is probably the most taxing. I’m going to start here: social media is a sieve. Because of how people are, it’s just a collection of people projecting the best of themselves (and when advantageous,…

  5. Roman Candles 04

    Date 27 Jun 2016
    First edition run. Full of typos and fixes The only way to see mistakes in a piece of writing is by printing it… lots of times… on really expensive stock. So that’s where I’m at now. I just got back 10 first edition copies of my magazine. In hindsight, I should…

  6. Roman Candles 03

    Date 02 Jun 2016
    Negatives on the light-table Heads up, this is going to be a super nerdy post. It’ll be short, but it’s going to be mostly numbers. I made some videos to keep it interesting, but it’ll mostly be for any of you who are into photography yourselves. Developing took a lot…

  7. Roman Candles 02

    Date 19 May 2016
    Albertan bugs I was hoping to have this update out a lot sooner as I wrapped up the Alberta portion of the project last Wednesday in Lethbridge. Even though it only took two weeks, the whole trip felt like 10 years. Not that it felt long or monotonous, it just felt…

  8. Roman Candles 01

    Date 08 May 2016
    Roger’s Pass Nothing throws off a good project like starting it. It’s funny, at first I thought I may have chosen too small – or simple – of a topic. Now I’m realizing that I could devote a year or two to this project; if I could afford it. Cooking in…

  9. Roman Candles 00

    Date 03 May 2016
    I’m not a skateboarder. I went through a longboarding phase in 2011. At a certain point I realized that other board sports gave you the same rush but you got to keep your skin on when you wiped out. So I gave up skateboarding pretty quick. I never lost my fascination with…

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